Family friendly Charente Maritime

10 of the Best Family Attractions for Charente Maritime Holidays

26 June 2023

The sun-dappled region of Poitou Charentes, snuggled between the Atlantic Ocean and the heart of France, is a playground of fun and learning for the whole family. Its captivating natural landscapes, teeming with wildlife, and historical wonders make it a perfect holiday destination. Here's our hand-picked selection of the top 10 family attractions in Poitou Charentes that will inspire and entertain children aged 5 to 16.


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1/ La Palmyre Zoo

Sitting pretty in Les Mathes, La Palmyre Zoo is among Europe's most famous zoos. Housing over 1600 animals across 130 species, it offers children an exciting chance to observe exotic creatures in habitats mimicking their natural environments. With everything from African elephants to playful penguins, the zoo promises an adventure in the wild, right in the heart of France. 


We say: Your kids won’t stop talking about all the animals the see. A day well spent!


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 5km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 4km
  • La Pignade: 16km
  • Mer et Soleil: 47km

2/ Planet Exotica

Tucked in the heart of Royan, Planet Exotica is an invitation into exotic ecosystems. With sprawling botanical gardens, dramatic dinosaur exhibits, and a charming mini-farm for younger children, it's an oasis of discovery and fun.


We say: From dinosaurs to gardens, Planet Exotica has it all. The kids won’t want to leave. 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 19km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 20km
  • La Pignade: 27km
  • Mer et Soleil: 58km

3/ Cité de l'Huitre

An oyster city may sound unusual, but the Cité de l'Huitre in Marennes offers an engaging and interactive journey into the world of oyster farming. Families can learn the ins and outs of this unique industry, and adventurous taste buds can even sample these briny delicacies. 


We say: A surprisingly fun and informative day. If you don’t know much about oyster farming at the start, you will by the end! 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 23km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 30km
  • La Pignade: 12km
  • Mer et Soleil: 41km

4/ Grottes de Regulus

The Grottes de Regulus, cliff caves situated in Meschers-sur-Gironde, open up a world of fascinating geological and anthropological history. The charm of exploring these hidden caverns and learning about the prehistoric inhabitants who once sheltered here makes this a must-visit attraction. 


We say: Exploring the caves is a thrilling family adventure.


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 30km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 40km
  • La Pignade: 37km
  • Mer et Soleil: 68km

5/ Château de la Roche Courbon

This superbly preserved 17th-century castle in Saint-Porchaire not only offers a peek into France's past but also comes with delightful gardens and prehistoric caves. Children can marvel at the grandeur of the chateau, explore its green spaces, and discover its ancient caves for a fulfilling day out. 


We say: The blend of history and nature is sure to be a hit with kids who will love exploring the castle and its grounds. 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 45km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 50km
  • La Pignade: 41km
  • Mer et Soleil: 60km

6/ Aquarium La Rochelle

The Aquarium La Rochelle is an enchanting deep dive into the mesmerizing world of marine life. Home to over 12,000 marine animals from the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the tropics, it's a delight for the young and old. Interactive displays about various marine species add an educational twist, making it a perfect blend of learning and fun. 


We say: The vibrant colours and exotic species will keep all ages mesmerized. 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 74km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 80km
  • La Pignade: 63km
  • Mer et Soleil: 81km

7/ Marais Poitevin

A haven of tranquility, the Marais Poitevin, also known as 'Green Venice,' is a labyrinth of emerald canals enveloped by lush vegetation. Families can hire a boat and navigate this serene, otherworldly landscape, turning their holiday into an enchanting fairytale.


We say: It’s so peaceful, and the kids will enjoy navigating the canals. 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 97km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 103km
  • La Pignade: 86km
  • Mer et Soleil: 105km

8/ Ile de Re

The stunning Ile de Re, with its shimmering beaches, historic lighthouses, and scenic salt marshes, is an idyllic spot for a sunny day out. Outdoor activities like cycling, horse-riding, and beach games are plentiful, ensuring an action-packed experience for children and teenagers alike. 


We say: The perfect beach day. So many activities, and the scenery is just beautiful.


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 100km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 106km
  • La Pignade: 83km
  • Mer et Soleil: 107km

9. Puy du Fou

Though not situated directly in Poitou Charentes, this historical theme park is a stone's throw away and worth the detour. With grand-scale shows portraying key moments in history and meticulously recreated period villages, Le Puy du Fou offers a gripping journey through time, inspiring awe and curiosity in every child. 


We say: The historical shows are breathtaking and the kids will learn so much. 


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 177km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 196km
  • La Pignade: 196km
  • Mer et Soleil: 197km

10. Futuroscope

This innovative theme park is a realm where dreams come alive. Filled with ground-breaking multimedia and cinematographic techniques, Futuroscope presents an unusual blend of education and entertainment. The dynamic shows and interactive exhibits leave children wide-eyed, as they explore the marvels of the future through technology. Plus, the dancing robots and cinematic adventures make learning a thrilling experience here. 


We say: Children will be totally absorbed with the tech-filled exhibits. An unforgettable day!


How far from: 

  • Les Charmettes: 195km
  • Bonne Anse Plage: 200km
  • La Pignade: 200km
  • Mer et Soleil: 207km

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