Mont St Michel

Brittany’s Best Attractions For Families

29 March 2023

Brittany is one of the most visited regions in France for UK families and well known for its combination of great beaches, pretty towns, rich culture and tasty cuisine. If you're holidaying with kids, here are 10 of our favourite family-friendly attractions in Brittany. They include ancient castles, Arthurian myths, France’s version of Stonehenge, fascinating wildlife an interactive sailing museum. 


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1/ Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel (pictured above) is one of France's most famous attractions. It is a Medieval Abbey on a tidal island that attracts millions of visitors every year, who come to admire the stunning Gothic architecture and learn about the abbey's rich history, with tour guides bringing the history to life with stories of monks and Medieval life that kids will really enjoy. The climb to the top of the abbey is challenging but worth it for the breathtaking views. Our top tips are to book a guided tour to get the most out of our your visit (they're available in several languages and can be booked in advance or on the day) and to wear comfortable shoes, as there's lots of walking involved!


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 250km
  • Le Conguel - 240km

2/ Oceanopolis

Oceanopolis is a large aquarium in Brest that features over 1,000 different species of marine animals and interactive exhibits and educational displays about the world's oceans. The aquariums and exhibits are beautifully designed, interactive and engaging - kids will love the touch pools! Our tips are to arrive early, because Oceanopolis is a popular attraction and can get quite busy, especially during peak season, and to attend the animal feedings and shows, which are both entertaining and educational.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 100km
  • Le Conguel - 190km

3/ Parc de Branféré 

Parc de Branféré is a zoological and botanical park located in Le Guerno, which covers 45 hectares and is home to lots of animals, including a giant ant-eater, wolves, and kangaroos. There's also a petting zoo, fantastic playground, a cool maze and tree-top adventure course, and the parc is known for its animal shows, including an amazing bird display.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 135km
  • Le Conguel - 85km

4/ La Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

If you've got any interesting in sailing then La Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly is a must-visit. This is an interactive sailing museum in Lorient, dedicated to the memory of French sailor Eric Tabarly. If that sounds a bit dry for kids, rest assured that there's a big selection of interactive exhibits that will get them learning about navigation and discovering how it feels to skipper their own boat. Favourites include a virtual sailing race, a simulator room to experience life on the high seas, and a boat hall with a variety of crafts, from small dinghies to large racing yachts.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 45km
  • Le Conguel - 70km

5/ Château de Trévarez

Château de Trévarez is a 19th-century castle in Saint-Goazec, known for its blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and offers family-friendly activities that include treasure hunts and tours designed specifically for children.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 45km
  • Le Conguel - 130km

6/ Carnac Standing Stones & Musée de la Préhistoire

The Carnac Standing Stones are one of France's most famous attractions and one of the most significant megalithic monuments in Europe (on a par with Stonehenge). The rows of standing stones are around 5,000 years old and are thought to have been used for religious or astronomical purposes by prehistoric people (but you might one to challenge your kids to make up their own stories about this amazing site!) Children will love running around, exploring the different stones, and listening to the audio-guide stories and legends behind the site. The nearby Musée de la Préhistoire provides even more information about the prehistory of the Carnac region, with exhibits including artefacts, tools and prehistoric artwork.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 90km
  • Le Conguel - 20km

7/ Labyrinthe de Pont-Aven

The Labyrinthe de Pont-Aven features a challenging maze made out of natural hedges, plus other outdoor activities such as giant chess, a treasure hunt, and a playground with swings, slides and climbing frames. 


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 3km
  • Le Conguel - 105km

8/ Brocéliande Forest

Brocéliande Forest is a mystical forest in Paimpont with close links to the legend of King Arthur. It is said to be the the magical land of Avalon, where King Arthur was taken after he was mortally wounded in battle. There are guided tours, information boards and audio guides revealing the forest's history and mythical past, and an Arthurian Centre dedicated to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.


Distance from:

  • Domaine de Kerlann - 155km
  • Le Conguel - 120km

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