Découvrir les Landes

Camping in the Landes

The Landes region on France's south west coast has miles and miles of golden beaches, fragrant pine forests and relaxing lakes, such as Biscarosse and Mimizan, where three of our holiday parks are located. With toasty temperatures through the spring and summer, it's no wonder the Landes is such a favourite of families. 

Things to do in Landes

  • Le parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne

    Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park

    The Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park is a vast landscape of almost 90,000 hectares of untouched nature. It stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Pyrenees mountains and boasts stunning beaches, lush pine forests, wetlands, meadows and heathlands. This incredible variety of habitats makes it home to a wide array of wildlife including the iconic Pyrenean chamois, rare birds such as honey buzzards and black kites, along with wild boar and native plants.

  • Les thermes de Dax

    Dax - the spa town

    The origins of Dax as a spa town date back to the Roman Empire, when it was renowned for its natural hot springs. In modern times, Dax has developed into an idyllic spa town – with plenty of opportunities to take a dip in one of its natural hot springs and enjoy a mud baths and therapeutic treatments. 

  • Les vignobles de l'Armagnac

    The Armagnac vineyards

    The Armagnac vineyards of Gascony are set against rolling hills, with rows and rows of grape vines stretch as far as the eye can see. The perfect climate and soil make it ideal for growing Armagnac grapes, which produce some of the finest vintages in France. Seasoned local wine growers tend to the vines with great care, resulting in wines that are truly unique and of exceptional quality, and visitors can tour some of the vineyards and sample the fruits of their labor.

Regional culture and activities

Déguster une pâtisserie locale


The gastronomy of Landes is truly a delight for the taste buds! Rich in local produce and specialities, it offers an array of delicious dishes. From traditional foie gras to hearty cassoulet with beans and charcuterie, Landes has something to tantalise your appetite. You can also find incredible regional desserts like the famous macarons from Mont-de-Marsan or the melt-in-your-mouth cannelé of Bayonne.

Must-see visits

Add the attractions to your must-visit list: Capbreton, Biscarrosse, Lake Hossegor, Ponton d'Azur, the Contis lighthouse, the Ecomuseum of Marquèze, Labastide d'Armagnac, the forest of Contemporary Art, Lake Arjuzanx lake, the Marais of Orx

Surf picto


Landes has some of the best surf waves in Europe, and providers offer a huge range of watersports on the lakes. Or, families can explore the paths that wind through the expansive pine forest, either on foot or by bike. 

Outdoor activities


Surfing lessons

With famous surf beaches at Biscarrosse, Hossegor, Capbreton and Seignosse,  there are lots of local providers offering surf lessons, with options for beginners and those who want to refine their skills. 


Arjuzanx Natural Reserve

Arjuzanx Natural Reserve is an area of great natural beauty, with 15 km of coastline and a varied landscape from large meadows to steep hills. A haven for wildlife, the reserve provides refuge for many species of birds, rare butterflies and endangered mammals such as otters and badgers. Visitors can explore the reserve on walking trails, with amazing views of the coastline and picturesque villages along the way. There are also opportunities to spot local wildlife including wild boar, deer, foxes and birds of prey.


Moliets Golf Course

Moliets Golf Course is one of the best clubs in the world! Stretching from the pine forests to the coast, this idyllic 18-hole course offers stunning views of the Pyrénées mountain range, as well as picturesque fairways surrounded by lush vegetation. The course has been designed to provide enjoyable play for all levels, with strategic bunkers and water hazards providing a challenge for experienced players. 

Not to be missed

  • La garbure


    Biscarosse is a charming town that offers plenty to explore. From its beautiful beaches and vast lakes to hiking trails through the fragrant pine forests, there's something for everyone. The town is also home to countless restaurants and cafes serving up delicious French cuisine and plenty of entertainment options. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure-filled getaway, Biscarosse has it all!

  • Salade landaise


    Trendy Hossegor is a beach paradise that is a favourite of surfers. Known for its beautiful coastline and vibrant art scene, the town also boasts beachfront restaurants that guarantee a delicious meal no matter what your tastes - from fresh seafood to traditional Basque specialties.

  • Pastis landais


    Capbreton is a picturesque seaside location, with stunning beaches, a vibrant port town, and awe-inspiring dunes. Plus, the Gouf de Capbreton is an underwater canyon home to incredibly diversity range of fish and birds.

Fromage picto

Regional dishes

mouthwatering flavours

La Réserve Naturelle du Courant d’Huchet


La forêt de pins de Seignosse

Landes Salad


Pastis Landais

Le boeuf de Chalosse

Chalosse Beef

L’asperge des Sables des Landes

Sables des Landes Asparagus

Le poulet de Saint-Sever

Poulet de Saint-Sever

Unmissable excursions

La Réserve Naturelle du Courant d’Huchet

Courant d'Huchet Natural Reserve

If you love nature, the Courant d'Huchet Natural Reserve is a must-visit destination. It's an incredibly diverse and beautiful area of marshes, wetlands, and wide open meadows full of wildlife. It's home to more than 150 species of birds, plus red deer and beavers, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to observe animals in their natural environment – from herons fishing in the marshlands to red deer grazing in open meadows.

La forêt de pins de Seignosse

The Pine Forests of Seignosse

The Pine Forests of Seignosse is a stunning landscape and peaceful atmosphere that is great for cycling, hiking and enjoying the simple beauty of nature. 



Not to be confused with its famous namesake in Aveyron, Roquefort in Landes is a pretty medieval town that was founded in the 10th century, and boasts a beautiful church that overlooks the river, a traditional bullring, and the chance to see the view from a different perspective with a canoe trip along the Estampon River. 

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